Draft Grades For Rams Picks

The 2014 NFL Draft is in the books and the St. Louis Rams were very busy throughout the three day draft period. I am going to take a look at a few of the Rams key picks and let you know how I think they did in the 2014 NFL Draft. Let’s take a look at a few of the Rams picks in the 2014 NFL Draft.


Rams First and Second Round Draft Picks:

#2 Overall pick: Greg Robinson Offensive Tackle Auburn University

This pick was a no brainer in my mind. The only thing surprising to me about this pick is that the Rams did not trade it as they did multiple times last year. Robinson was the best player available for the Rams at #2 and it only strengthens the pick that he is at a position the Rams need help at. Robinson is a very strong run blocker and that is something Jeff Fisher loves about him. Fisher loves to run the ball and this will help Rams Zac Stacy and the running game. Robinson is not as good of a pass blocker, but he has such talent that he will be able to learn this as he goes. Robinson will be the starter this year and has potential to be a Pro Bowler and anchor of the Rams offensive line for years to come. Grade: A+


#13 Overall pick: Aaron Donald Defensive Tackle University of Pittsburgh

This pick may have made the Rams defensive line the best one in all of the NFL. The Rams defensive line already consisted of three first round picks in Chris Long, Michael Brockers and of course Robert Quinn. These three guys already helped the Rams lead the league in sacks last season and adding Aaron Donald to the line will only make them better. Donald is a very good run stopper and will be able to get after the passer due to the double teams that may be put on Chris Long and Robert Quinn. Donald will obviously be a starter this year and will help the Rams defensive line be a nightmare for any team to face. Even though this may not be a position the Rams needed to address Donald will be a great fit on a defensive line that will help the Rams compete in every game. Grade:A


#41 Overall pick: : LaMarcus Joyner Free Safety/Cornerback Florida State University

The secondary is one part of the defense everyone was waiting for the Rams to address and they did so in the second round. LaMarcus Joyner was an All-American cornerback at Florida State and is a very versatile player. Joyner can play either safety or cornerback so he can help the Rams at either position. Joyner would be a very good fit in the Rams defense as a nickel cornerback and is very good at anticipating where the quarterback will throw the ball. He needs to improve on his speed and needs to improve his coverage in man to man situations. Overall Joyner shows signs in being able to improve these weaknesses and should be able to help out Rams corners Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson in the Rams secondary. Grade: B+

Two Additional Rams Draft Picks

3rd Round pick: Tre Mason Running Back Auburn University

This was one pick that really surprised me in the draft. The Rams already have multiple running backs and a set starter in Zac Stacy, but Mason could be a good addition to the backfield in St. Louis. Mason was involved in a loaded backfield at Auburn and will not be the primary back for the Rams either. Mason is reunited with offensive lineman Greg Robinson. Mason is very good at finding and exploding through holes, as well as being a good pass blocker. The only thing that may deter him from being a good running back is that he is a little bit undersized, but that is not something he can not overcome. I think Mason will prove to be a good pick in this draft especially as a 3rd round pick and will add some spice to the Rams backfield. Grade: B

7th Round Pick: Michael Sam Defensive End University of Missouri

Last and certainly not least I have to commend the entire Rams organization for giving Michael Sam he very much deserves as the first openly gay NFL player. Michael Sam certainly was not a slacker at Missouri as he was named SEC Defensive Player of the Year last season. Sam could be a welcome addition to the already great Rams defensive line and in some ways is a bit of a steal in the 7th round. Michael Sam was very brave to do what he did and as I said I commend the entire Rams organization for giving him the chance he deserves not due to his sexual orientation, but because they believe he could be a very useful player. Grade: A+

Overall the Rams had a great 2014 NFL Draft and this may help them to finally get back to a winning season and maybe even contention for a playoff spot in the NFC. The Rams have certainly improved through this draft and will only get better as these players become more experienced. Overall Grade: A+

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