The Ongoing Quarterback Question In St. Louis

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is entering the final year of his contract with the Rams. This year will be a make or break year for Bradford. He was playing some of his best football in St. Louis last year until his season ending injury. It looks as if Bradford will be ready for the season opener this year and will have a lot to prove. Even more pressure will be on Bradford this year in his contract season if the Rams select a receiver as another offensive weapon for Bradford or even if they select an offensive tackle to help protect him. Personally I do not think drafting a quarterback in the first round is the solution this year but looking in the later rounds for a backup if Bradford doesn’t play well this year could be a good idea.

Let’s take a look at the two quarterbacks in  the draft I believe the Rams could be looking at to backup Bradford.  The first man is none other than Alabama quarterback Aj McCarron. The thing I like most about McCarron is his experience. Experience is not something that you can teach and McCarron has been coached well  by Nick Saban. McCarron knows what it is like to win and has been part of three national title teams at Alabama, two of which he was the starting quarterback. The only problem I may have with McCarron is that he was not the reason Alabama won those championships and had looked a little shaky at times last year.

The other quarterback I believe the Rams should be looking at is Georgia’s Aaron Murray. Murray stayed 4 years at Georgia and led them to a pretty good season last year. Murray was always feared by tough SEC defenses and in my opinion is one of the best quarterbacks in the draft. He throws the ball very accurately and with a tight spiral and can throw the long ball as well. The only problems with Murray are his height at only 6’1 and his ACL injury to end his senior season last year. Murray would probably go higher in the draft if teams were not worried about his ACL injury. Murray is a very experienced quarterback and has played in an NFL style offense at Georgia. I would love to see the Rams take a chance on him in the late rounds to become a backup and possibly eventual starter.

One final guy I have to mention for my roommate from Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh quarterback Tom Savage. I have not watched Savage too much this year, but from what I have seen he has a cannon arm. Savage also had an impressive game against Duke throwing for six touchdowns. The Rams have recently worked Savage out and he could be another candidate for the backup job. As I have said I think the Rams need to let Bradford have one more year to prove himself, but drafting a quarterback is not a bad idea. In my opinion the best guy to get in a late round would be Aaron Murray. Later this week I will look at the recently released 2014 NFL schedule and see how the Rams schedule looks.

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