NFL Draft 2014: Rams Pick Number Thirteen

As I stated in my last article this years draft is very important to the future of the St. Louis Rams. I looked at the number two pick and what the Rams should do. In today’s post I will look at a few of the options the Rams have with the thirteenth pick and what I think would be the best option.

I think that the direction the Rams go with the thirteenth pick this year will completely depend on what they do with the second pick. With the second pick in the draft I had the Rams helping out their offense a little bit by picking the offensive tackle from Auburn Greg Robinson. Another offensive option I looked at was Clemson University star receiver Sammy Watkins Jr. If the Rams decide to go with either of these options to help out the offense than they will most certainly look to add to their defense with this thirteenth pick. Let’s take a look at some of the defensive players that the Rams will be looking at to take here.

Most of the Rams struggles on defense last year came from their secondary. The ideal pick at number thirteen would be a cornerback or safety. Let’s start out with the cornerback that could be available with this pick at number thirteen. The cornerback I am referring to is Justin Gilbert out of Oklahoma State. The Rams have a very good cornerback in Janoris Jenkins, but he still needs work and is improving year by year. The Rams recently released their former other starting cornerback in Cortland Finnegan and are left with Trumaine Johnson to start. Now don’t get me wrong I think Johnson is a good cornerback, but as a nickel guy not as the other starter. In the offseason the Rams attempted to help this problem by signing former Florida State star cornerback Greg Reid, but his off the field issues have already resulted in an arrest and needs to turn things around. Gilbert could be just the guy the Rams could use to help out their other corners. Gilbert has been touted as the best corner in the draft, but the only problem is he will probably be gone before the thirteenth pick.

Another position that could be targeted here is the safety position. In last years draft the Rams addressed this position by drafting USC strong safety T.J. McDonald, who had a pretty solid season with the Rams in 2013. The problem is that he is just a strong safety and the Rams free safeties struggled and gave up plenty of big plays. Luckily for the Rams there are two very good options at safety in this draft. The two best options are Louisville’s Calvin Pryor and Alabama’s Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. Both of these guys would be great options for the Rams secondary and would help tremendously. With this in mind what exactly is the difference between Pryor and Clinton-Dix? When I watched them both the difference I noticed is that Pryor was more of a hard hitting run stopping type safety wheras Clinton-Dix was more of a ball hawk safety with more range. In my opinion either safety would be a good fit, but I would lean more towards Clinton-Dix to help the Rams stop getting beat by the deep ball.

The only way I could see the Rams going with an offensive player at the thirteenth pick is if Jadaveon Clowney is available at number two and is drafted by the Rams. If this is the case, I believe the Rams would help out their offense with Texas A &M receiver Mike Evans. Evans would help the Rams out in the redzone being a 6’5 tall receiver. Evans is a guy the Rams need in the redzone as they don’t have any big receivers to throw up to in the redzone. I am certainly not saying if the Rams take Clowney that they would definitely take an offensive player. In my opinion two defensive guys like Clowney and Clinton-Dix could put the Rams defense over the top and make them one of the best in the NFL. Stay tuned this week as I take a look at what the Rams have done so far this offseason and what else they can do to improve.

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