Rams Face Tough Challenge against Redskins

One thing that is for sure about the St. Louis Rams this year is the fact that they have little weapons on their offense.  Don’t get me wrong, their defense is pretty terrible as well, but the lack of depth in their receiving pool as well as how inconsistent Sam Bradford has been as of late will not do them any favors at home this week against a Washington team that looks great.  The only way the Rams will be able to stay in the game this week and cover the +3 NFL odds against Robert Griffin III and company is if Steven Jackson can put together a tremendous day at running back.

Jackson, while not the best of the best at the running back position, is certainly in the top ten, if not top five, int he league.  He consistently puts together strong days in the backfield even if his quarterback and receivers are not getting the job done in the air.  While he can be injury prone, he always bounces back with more tenacity than ever and ready to play until the 60 minutes are up.  If he can have a break out day this Sunday in St. Louis the Rams may have a chance of defeated the Redskins.

This also goes for the constantly disappointing Bradford who, many once believed, was on the same level as other young QBs like Matthew Stafford.  This has not been the case, but it is not too late to turn it around.  He needs to be more explosive with the ball than he was in week 1, however.  Throwing for only 198 yards and a touchdown in losing match against the Detroit Lions, he could have done much more to help the team grab the victory.  They only lost by four in the finally seconds when Stafford hit a touchdown pass to ice the game.  Bradford needs to look deep within himself and pull out the strength to lead him team to victory.

While getting within a field goal of the Redskins this Sunday may be tough, it is doable if the Rams dig deep and have a good game offensively. This does not look to be likely, though, so going with the Redskins is the smart choice.

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