Rams Welcome RGIII, Redskins In Week 2

Both the St. Louis Rams and Washington Redskins impressed in Week 1 and while both teams appear to be much better than they were last season, the Redskins made their performance count a little more.

The Rams pushed the Detroit Lions to their limits but eventually lost. Meanwhile, the Redskins, led by stellar rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, went into the Superdome and stunned the New Orleans Saints.

If the Rams want to avoid an 0-2 hole, they’re going to have to come up with some quick solutions for RGIII – solutions that the Saints didn’t have.

The Redskins scored 10 points in every quarter en route to a 40-32 win. Their running game was supposedly pedestrian and their receiving corps was allegedly thin, but Griffin made everyone look good in his first NFL start. Griffin completed 19-of-26 for 320 yards and two touchdowns. The 320 passing yards was the most ever by a rookie quarterback earning his first career win.

The good news is that the Rams should be well-equipped to win this game if they don’t make the same type of mistakes the Saints did. New Orleans ran the ball only 10 times (compared to 52 pass attempts) and lost the time of possession battle 39:10-20:50. If the Rams can get a good outing out of Steven Jackson, control this contest a little bit better and keep the Redskins from building momentum on offense, they’ll have a shot.

The Redskins defense has plenty of holes in their secondary and the Rams showed they’re more than capable of passing the football in their opener. Sam Bradford was an efficient 17-of-25 for 198 yards and a touchdown. The Rams defense kept the wraps real tight on the Lions until the fourth quarter and considering the Redskins don’t have similar weapons, the Rams should be encouraged.

As impressive as the Redskins first win was and as disheartening as the Rams first loss was, the tables could turn in Week 2. The Washington Redskins are favored on the NFL odds but don’t be surprised if both teams are 1-1 after two weeks of action.

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