Fisher’s Dispute with Jenkins is what’s Holding Up the Deal

Photo by Richard A. Brightly/Icon SMI

Apparently Janoris Jenkins, the Rams second round draft pick, agreed with Jeff Fisher before being drafted that he would use Lou Taylor of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group to be his financial adviser. However, Jenkins has had a change of heart since then and would prefer to use his own group to provide financial advise. Why is this stopping Jenkins and the Rams from coming to terms on a contract? Well, this is in the contract. It doesn’t appear to be a football or compensation issue, but rather who will advise Jenkins on how to manage his compensation.

This seems like a minor dispute that shouldn’t be too difficult to work out, but the story has broke, and now the experts are analyzing the situation. With that, the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) comes into play. Per the CBA, teams and players can’t engage in those kinds of agreements prior to the draft, which is exactly what Fisher did. With Goodell showing no mercy on teams that decided to test and break his rules, the Rams must be careful with how they handle this to avoid punishment from Roger Goodell. But then again, isn’t losing the newly signed defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, for his actions with his previous team punishment enough?

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