Rams Won’t Replace Suspended Gregg Williams

The first wave of the bounty gate punishments are in, and like we all suspected, the St. Louis Rams newly hired defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, has been indefinitely suspended from the NFL. His former head coach, Sean Payton, was slapped with a one-year suspension, so even if Williams wins any sort of appeal or gets and specific date on when he can coach again, don’t expect Williams to be on the Rams sideline during any of the 2012 NFL season.

In recent seasons, Gregg Williams has been touted as one of the leagues best defensive coordinators. He helped the Saints win a Super Bowl, established a quality defense while with the Redskins, and the St. Louis Rams were hoping for him to bring his magic to St. Louis. However, like most magic, their is a trick behind what makes it look so legit, and for Williams, his magic was a bounty system that paid players for injuring the opposing teams players.

Although their is plenty of time for Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams to reconsider, it was reported that Fisher plans on having the Rams us a “collective effort” to coach the defense. This is in lieu of hiring another coach or appointing one of the current assistant coaches to take over the position Williams is leaving behind.

The Rams may feel cheated and punished for having no part of Williams past actions that have forced the NFL’s Roger Goodell to flex his muscles and send a message to the rest of the league, the Rams should at least be thankful this came to light prior to Gregg Williams getting the Rams in trouble as well.

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