Rams Defensive Coach Greg Williams to know his fate soon

New Orleans’s Saint Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams and former head coach of the Buffalo Bills is expected to know his fate this week as the NFL will decide what punishment is best in regards to the bounty scandal he was involved in.  It is possible that the bounty scandal which was said to take place in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 season, would lead to the suspension of Saints General manager, Coach, and a number of players.

When the NFL meets with the players’ union this week about the bounty, they will announce penalties that would most likely mean the Saints would lose their draft pick and be fine heavily.  The punishment for Gregg Williams who has been the face of this scandal is expected to be strict due to support within the league calling for a lifetime ban, or long term suspension, meaning he will be out for a season or more.

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