No Points, No Win

Well the Rams certainly didn’t help themselves when they didn’t score a single point against the 49ers on Sunday.  Of course the Niners are one of the best teams in the NFL, and the Rams, well, aren’t.  It didn’t help that Bradford was a late scratch and AJ Feeley was under center.  St. Louis actually held the Niners out of the end zone until the third quarter.  If they had any offense they likely could have made a game out of it.  A couple of 50+ yard TD passes sealed the deal in the second half.

Feeley could manage only 156 yards in the air and turned the ball over twice.  With the Rams unassuming pass offense, the defensive focus for San Fran was completely on Steven Jackson.  He was not up to the challenge, rushing 10 times for 19 yards.  Norwood had 11 carries himself with the same 19 yards.  Brandon Lloyd had just one catch for 34 yards, he certainly missed Bradford in this contest.

One bright spot for the Rams all season continues to be Chris Long who racked up 2 more sacks to raise his total to 12 on the season, just below the league leaders.  The Rams have a Monday Night game against the Seahawks next week.  Not the most exciting game, but the Rams don’t get many chances to play in the national spot light.

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