Rams Do Just Enough to Win

Well, I predicted last week that the team that is able to score a touchdown could be the one to win it, and for once I was right.  The Rams scored the only TD of the game on a second quarter strike from Bradford to Lloyd.  The Browns stayed in the game the entire time and took the lead late in the 3rd 12-10 on a Phil Dawson FG.  Brown knocked in the game winner in the middle of the 4th from 34 yards out, which game the Rams the lead at 13-12.  Dawson had a chance to hit a 22 yard field goal to give the Browns the lead with just over 2 minutes left, but a bounced a snap led to Dawson losing his timing and sending the kick wide left.  A nice break for the Rams, but in a season full of disappointment they certainly deserve this one.

Bradford struggled for a lot of the game, completing just 15 of 26 passes for 155 yards and added an INT.  His hookup with Brandon Lloyd for the TD was really the only bright spot for him Sunday.  For the third straight game, Steven Jackson exceeded 100 yards, rushing this time for 128 and another 23 in the air.  He did lose one fumble, but we don’t have to dwell on that after just the 2nd win of the season.

The rushing defense stepped up from their typical 150 yard rushing day, and held Ogbonnaya to 90 yards.  Of course, Ogbonnaya was just recently signed off the Texans practice squad and got the start with Hillis and Hardesty out.  Colt McCoy was fairly effective, completing 20 of 27 for 218 yards, but despite the Browns ability to move the ball between the 20’s, they failed to reach the endzone.  In fact, the Browns actually out gained the Rams by over 50 yards, and tuned over the ball one more time.

Still, a win is a win, and a win for the Rams is a big deal now.  The Cards and Seahawks also managed wins, so the Rams are still in last place in the NFC West.  Each team in the division actually won on Sunday, which I believe is the first time all season.  Up next is another division game, this time in Seattle.  The Seahawks are 3-6 and coming off a win over Baltimore.  The key to stopping them will likely be in stopping Marshawn Lynch who has found new life as of late with back to back 100 yard games.  The defense is solid at stopping the run, so a better performance from Bradford could also be key.

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