Another Blowout Loss

Well the Rams are officially 0-6 to start the season after taking a beating in Arlington Sunday.  A banged up Sam Bradford watched from the sidelines as AJ Feeley took over the starting job at QB.  Not surprisingly he didn’t particularly impress as he threw for 196 yards and an INT.  No QB controversy to speak of in St. Louis.  Of course Bradford is nursing a high ankle sprain which usually sidelines players for at least a few weeks, so it is likely we haven’t seen the end of Feeley.  On a positive note, Brandon Lloyd looked comfortable in his new surroundings hauling in 6 balls for 74 yards.  His 12 targets doubled the next highest receiver.  I guess there is no easing into the offense for the veteran wideout. Of course that shouldn’t surprise many with this depleted receiver corps.  Steven Jackson continues to be the only consistent producer on offense as he ran for 70 yards and the lone score for the Rams.  Not a horrible line considering they were playing catch up pretty much the entire game.

The defense was pretty pitiful once again, as Demarco Murray had a field day running the ball.  He finished with a Cowboys record 253 rushing yards including a 91 TD run in the opening quarter.  Romo didn’t have to do too much with the running game going on all cylinders.  He still managed 2 TD passes to go along with 166 yards in the air.  I could go deeper into the game, but I’m sure the score said enough. There were no crazy bluffs or surprises, no classy strategy in the playing, unfortunately. Perhaps if there had been the score would have been different. We’ll never know!

This marks the 4th straight games that the Rams have failed to score more than 10 points.  In fact, they have yet to surpass 16 points in a game this season.  The 56 points for the Rams this season is by far the lowest in the league.  They also sport the worst run defense in the league.

This team is not that bad though.  A very rough schedule to start the season has attributed to the poor start, as well as a slew of injuries to some very key players.  If you want to look at a bright side, St. Louis has yet to play any teams from the NFC West.  I have a hard time believing the Rams don’t pull out at least a couple of wins against their division foes.

A point I will bring up, just because of the national media attention towards it and the fact that Rams are right in the middle of it, is the whole Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  Now I’m not one to condone lose for the sake of gaining the first pick, but it is a very real possibility that St. Louis could be first on the clock come April.  Of course this would be an extremely interesting situation for the Rams as they just drafted a quarterback first overall just over a year ago.  At this moment, I don’t see any possibility of Luck not being taken with the first pick, no matter who is drafting.  I also don’t see Bradford and Luck on the same team.  Either player could bring in a huge haul of draft picks or players.  So if it comes down to Luck vs. Bradford, who do you keep and who do you deal?  This would certainly be a nice luxury to have.  Obviously this is way too early to talk about, but if the Rams can’t pull this season around, it could be a crazy offseason.

Back to the play on the actual field, the Rams get another tough test at home this Sunday against the Saints.  I would like to be more optimistic about this game, but after the demolition New Orleans put on Indy on Sunday night, there isn’t much to look forward to this week.

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