Rams Lose…Again

What else can be said?  The Rams lost once again, this time to the Redskins who are off to a surprising 3-1 start.  Disappointment is an understatement for fans, as they saw potential in this team to win the NFC West.  While it is still early, (it only took 7 wins last year…) things aren’t looking so bright in St. Louis.  They were held off the scoreboard entirely in the first 3 quarters, and a comeback attempt fell short as they ended up losing 17-10.  Bradford struggled as he completed less than half of his passes for just 164 yards.  Steven Jackson who finally is back to his normal role also struggled.  He ended up with just 45 yards on 17 carries, and was the only runner to carry the ball.

The defense was solid for the most part, holding the Skins to just 17 points after getting torched last week against Baltimore.  They forced Grossman into 2 picks, including one by Justin King who returned it 51 yards.  This is much improved performance from last week when he was consistently burned.  The Rams could not stop the run, however, as Ryan Torain ran wild for 135 yards on 19 carries.  Perhaps the Rams wrote him off before the game as a non-factor considering Torain had yet to carry the ball this season despite being healthy.  The Redskins ran for nearly 200 yards on the ground which ultimately paced the game.

Looking ahead is not a pretty sight.  The Rams have a bye this week, so hopefully they can’t figure something out and get back on the right track.  However, looking further ahead they travel to Dallas and Green Bay the following weeks only to return home to face the Saints.  It is looking like a very real possibility that this team starts off 0-7 unless they really start to figure some things out.

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